Lord Chamberlain Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Lord Chamberlain Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Phone Number:

7003 Main Street, Stratford, CT 06614

Types of Care:
Sub-Acute Transitional Care, Short Term Rehabilitation, Outpatient Care, Long Term Care

Lord Chamberlain Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a convalescent nursing home located in Stratford, Connecticut. This facility offers a few different types of care, such as sub-acute transitional care, short-term rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and long-term care. In addition, it offers amenities and services that are available to its residents. If you are searching for care for an elderly loved one, Lord Chamberlain Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center might be the right fit. You can learn more here.

Types of Care

There are a few major types of care available at Lord Chamberlain Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Sub-acute transitional care is available for those who need to recover from a stay in the hospital. Interdisciplinary care is key in making sure that each resident can reach their physical and emotional goals during rehabilitation. In addition, staff members specialize in sub-acute care for issues such as neurological conditions, cardiovascular disease, post-surgical needs, and stroke rehabilitation.

In addition to sub-acute transitional care, short-term rehabilitation is available. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists work to help patients recover and return to their home life quickly. Therapists work with patients in one-on-one environments and provide specialized, individualized care.

Outpatient rehabilitation is also available at Lord Chamberlain Nursing Manor and Rehabilitation Center. This is an option for patients who want to continue different types of therapy once they are discharged from the facility.

Finally, the facility offers long term care as well as end of life services for the elderly. Care is available for those facing dementia, chronic illnesses, and other issues. The goal of this care is to help residents maintain their maximum quality of life and maximum level of independence.


Services and amenities are also available at this facility. For example, there is the Meds 2 Beds program available to those returning home after being discharged. This program helps people transition back into living at home.

There are also great dining options available on site. Nutritious meals are available for residents to promote a healthy lifestyle. A registered dietician consults on the menus, which change frequently in order to provide a variety of options. Residents’ dietary needs are also met.

In addition to a formal dining area, there is a smaller cafe that serves coffee and light refreshments. This is a great place to meet up with family members or fellow residents. The cafe also has seasonal outdoor seating.

Choosing a Facility

Deciding on a facility for your loved one can seem daunting. You want to make a choice that your family will be happy with, and a facility that will be safe and helpful for your loved one. Lord Chamberlain Nursing Manor and Rehabilitation Center might be the right fit. If you would like to learn more, you can contact them and ask any questions that you may have. But keep in mind that even great facilities make mistakes, and if a mistake is made, you can seek help from an attorney.


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